Kings County Caravan

As the last of the old street-tough corners of New York City proper/ Manhattan are smoothed out (adios, CBGB’s!), the roughshod soul of New York’s music and art scene has been not-so-gradually migrating across the East River.

There, in Kings County, in the shadow of the Manhattan skyline, the lower lying borough of Brooklyn (population 2.5million souls) looms in the imagination like some old-world thief: ready to steal your heart, break it and then put it back together again. As Manhattan lays claim to class, Brooklyn lays claim to cunning. Where Manhattan brags glitter, Brooklyn brings grit. When Manhattan says Broadway, Brooklyn sez, ‘our way or the highway.’

Which brings us to the Kings County Caravan, a music tour where OUR WAY meets the HIGHWAY. The Caravan showcases four of Brooklyn’s finest up ‘n coming singer-songwriter-rock-‘n-roll troubadours as we bring the Brooklyn music scene to a stage in (or at least within driving distance of) your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard, that’s fine. We don’t either.

The current volume features the music of Kara SuzanneKenny CambreSteve Lewis and The Reverend John DeLore. The Kings County Caravan delivers a night of music that—like Brooklyn—is as diverse as it is unapologetic. It’s a hoodoo, Americana grab-bag/potluck of rock, folk, alt-country, boogie-woogie, soul & blues, all filtered through the borough of Brooklyn.

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